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Administrators are users who have acquired extra privileges. They can protect/unprotect and delete/undelete pages. They can also block vandals and unblock users when the need arises. Finally, they can edit certain pages to modify the interface, import external pages with the full page history, as well as upload up to 5 files at once instead of only one. They aren't the people in charge of a wiki, merely a normal user with some extra buttons!

The following is a list of administrators on Inheriwiki. Should you need one of the above done, please contact them:

List of Administrators on Inheriwiki Edit

Active Edit

More or less active Edit

Inactive Edit

If you'd like to become an administrator, please see Project:Requests for adminship.

If you only wish to acquire rollback and multiupload rights, please see Project:Requests for rollback.

Please note that if you are inactive for six or more months, your rights will be removed.

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