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Awards are presented to Inheriwikians who have done the "above and beyond" in any way; the people who have taken great strides in making the Inheriwiki a better place. The possible awards are listed in detail below. To give a user an award, simply place it on his or her user page, along with the reason as to why you feel they deserve it.

Suggest new awards on the talk page.

Outstanding Inheriwikian Award
Presented to exceptional Inheriwikians who have devoted a great deal of time and diligent effort to the wiki, helping out in major areas.

Star Sapphire Award
The equivalent of a Wikipedia barnstar, for users who have worked hard on a certain article or other projects.

Oromis Award
The equivalent of a Wikipedia Zen Garden Award for Infinite Patience, for users who have shown extraordinary patience in the face of toil or turmoil.


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