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Policy in a nutshellEdit

Pages that are not appropriate for Inheriwiki are subject to deletion.

Junk pagesEdit

  1. Junk pages containing nothing but nonsense, spam, or inappropriate material/language will be deleted as soon as possible without prior notices/discussions. This includes vandalism pages and cleanup of pagemove vandalism.

Articles/Content pagesEdit

  1. Articles that fail to meet the article qualifications may be deleted after discussion. Uncontroversial nominations may be tagged with speedy to be deleted without delay.
  2. Re-creation of a deleted page that contains the same content as before is subject to speedy deletion. This does not include a different rewrite of a previously deleted page. Repeated re-creations may result in the page getting protected.
  3. Talk pages of non-existent pages may be subject to deletion unless they contain deletion discussion that isn't logged elsewhere. An exception to this would be pages in the User talk namespace.
  4. Misspelled pages will be deleted after the content is properly moved (not cut & paste move) to the correctly-spelled page.


  1. Untagged files and improperly tagged files are subject to deletion after a period of time.
  2. Unused files may also be deleted, depending on the circumstances.
  3. Redundant files are subject to deletion only if they are identical to its copy. If they are similar enough, the one with the higher quality is usually retained.


  1. The author of a page may request its deletion as long as it hasn't been further modified by someone else.
  2. Users may request the deletion of their user pages at any time. However, talk pages may be kept for reference purposes.


  1. Deletion may also be performed for any other special circumstances that may arise in the future.
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