The Inheriwiki Discord is a public server where editors and Inheritance Cycle fans may congregate for collaboration and general fun. It was founded by Zoë the Huntress and is owned by Ursuul.

How to join[]

Basic guidelines[]

  • DBAD (fundamental wiki guideline)
  • No NSFW (links, images, discussion, etc)
  • Post in the proper channels.
  • No political or religious debates that do not pertain to the Inheritance Cycle.
  • Mods have final say in the execution of these rules.


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New users land in the #info channel for orientation, and can apply personal roles to themselves in #self-roles, both of which are in "The Front Door" category. The "Inheritance Discussion" category is for general discussion about the series itself, either the core books, The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm, or other media such as the video game. "Wiki Editing" serves as a collaboration area for the editors of Inheriwiki, and also as a place where new editors can be trained and suggestions for wiki changes can be made. Finally, an "other" category exists for some limited non-Inheritance Cycle content, along with a stock voice chat category.