There are variety of ways you, as an Inheriwikian, can help make the Inheriwiki the definitive source for Inheritance on the web. These tasks range from simple to complex. Below is a list of some of the basics.

Clean-up Edit

All articles need to be brought up to a set standard of quality and/or wikified - formatted in the wikistyle (see The Wiki Style). Articles with erroneous grammar and constant misspellings need direct attention; many users will be put off if an article is poorly written.

Expanding stubs Edit

Quite a few articles on the Inheriwiki are stubs - articles too short to be considered complete, but nevertheless worthy of attention. You can help by expanding these articles to the best of your ability.

Tagging images/files Edit

All images/files uploaded onto Inheriwiki should contain the source and the licensing. This provides the readers with information on where the image/file came from and whether it is free or copyrighted. Untagged images/files should be correctly tagged as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in deletion. For the lists of not or incompletely tagged images/files, see

Our Guide for tagging images explains how to do this.

Interlanguage links Edit

Insert interlanguage links on our articles to create connections to the other Inheritance related Wikis. You already find links to those Wikis on our main page and some of the important articles. Check this

for articles that still need to be added to.

Citing sources Edit

Sources are outside references that support the information given in an article. To be fair, these sources need to be credited. They can be listed at the bottom of an article under a heading such as "References", "Sources", "Notes", etc.

Spreading the word! Edit

Inherwiki always needs new editors! You can help by spreading the word about us on forums, message boards, and chat rooms, or simply by passing the word on to friends. The more members we have, the more the Inheriwiki will grow - and the closer we will be to making the Inheriwiki the biggest Inheritance database on the web.

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