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All articles on the Inheriwiki should meet a certain standard of quality. On Wikipedia, this includes complying with a Manual of Style to ensure that all articles have the same basic format, as well as conforming to the basic rules of grammar and spelling. The Inheriwiki strives to maintain the same standards set by Wikipedia, and we ask for your help!

The task of bringing an article up to an encyclopedic standard is called copyediting. Following the three basic steps of copyediting below will automatically improve the quality of any article.

  1. Before submitting an article, check it carefully to make sure there are no spelling errors and/or typos. These reduce the encyclopedic quality of the Inheriwiki. On a related note, if you see errors in any article, don't hesitate to correct them!
  2. Make sure in-universe content are written in past tense!
  3. Make sure all articles are categorized. This helps keep the Inheriwiki neat and orderly. For help on how to do this, see Categorization.
  4. Make every attempt to maintain an unbiased viewpoint (NPOV).
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