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Jörmundur was a member of the Varden. He was Ajihad's right-hand man, mostly dealing with military matters (a role he continued during Nasuada's tenure). He was also a member of the Council of Elders and acted as an intermediary to Ajihad for them.

History Edit

Role in Eragon Edit

When news had first reached Ajihad from Orthíad, Jörmundur was one of the five people summoned to be told Ajihad's plan (along with Arya, Orik, Eragon and Saphira). He was in command of Eragon and Orik's battalion during the Battle under Farthen Dûr, while Ajihad and Hrothgar lead the others. He was Ajihad's right-hand man.

Role in Eldest Edit

Jörmundur was present when Ajihad was ambushed by Urgals and ran for help. However, he arrived too late to save Ajihad. Jörmundur was the main member of the Council of Elders who wanted to manipulate Nasuada when she became Leader of the Varden, but she was cleverer than he had thought and thus earned his respect and support. He probably participated in the Battle of The Burning Plains, yet his name was not mentioned. He was also the one who introduced Nasuada to Elva.

Role in Brisingr Edit

Jörmundur was present at the Trial of the Long Knives. He wordlessly threatened the nomads who looked at Nasuada after she took off most of her clothes. Afterwards, he is one of the few who remain and worry for her, due to her injuries and subsequent loss of blood, rebuffing her claim that she was well with this: "And my uncle Undset was an elf." During the siege of Feinster, he greeted Eragon at his arrival and also tells Roran to get towards his men, rather than gossiping with his cousin.

Real-world connections Edit

Jörmundur's name resembles Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent of Nordic mythology. This possibly implies that he is clever and/or betraying, though all of his behavior portrays exceedingly powerful loyalty towards his superiors.