The jierda strike was a magical attack used to knock enemies back or break bones. It was primarily used during the Rider War by Eragon. The incantation to summon the Magic was simply "Jierda."


Once the Magician summoned their power, the jierda strike would be channelled through their hand. If the attack was designed to be especially powerful, beams of light would shoot from the magician's palm when they used the spell.


The jierda strike was most useful for breaking the necks or legs of enemies. It was one of the more efficient ways to quickly dispatch an enemy in the Inheritance Cycle, but wasn't quite as efficient as the deadly compress or the Twelve Words of Death.

The jierda strike could also be used to knock out enemies, sending them several feet backwards. However, this was a less skillful and effective use of the power. It consumed more energy, would only knock out an opponent instead of killing them and the beams of light would tip off other magicians to the use of magic and possibly make it easier for them to counter it.

Role in the booksEdit

Eragon used the Jierda strike to knock out a group of urgals after he and Brom left Teirm. Because he was inexperienced and unprepared for them to attack him, he struck hastily with a blunt, forceful jierda strike that only knocked them out and didn't kill them. Brom and Eragon's dragon, Saphira II, hunted down the urgals afterwards and killed most of them. Brom scolded Eragon for using the jierda strike, when the rock bullet spell would have been more efficient.

Later on, Eragon became more experienced and responsible with the use of the jierda strike. He later directed the force of the attack at the necks or legs of opponents. When he battled urgals right before and after the Battle under Farthen Dûr, he was able to effectively kill enemies using the jierda strike. It remained one of his primary magic attacks until he learned the Twelve Words of Death, which were more efficient.

Even later, in Inheritance, Eragon uses almost all of the energy in Aren to execute a gigantic Jierda strike aimed first at rubble blocking the gates of Uru'baen in front of the Varden, then at Murtagh, on Thorn, and finally moved the remnants to Leona lake, where he ended the spell, leaving the rocks to settle in the water.

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