The Junior Riders Academy is a game and website hosted by which was originally a viral promotion for the book Brisingr.

Layout and features Edit

Visitors are invited to sign up and enter the names of their "Rider" and "Dragon" so that they can keep track of their progress. A bar on the right-hand side of the screen displays the high-scores of other "Riders". Along the top, a curving bar displays the features of the site.

Theater Edit

The theater includes audio and video clips, including readings from the books, material relating to Brisingr and a conversation between Christopher Paolini and Gerard Doyle.

Rites and Rituals Edit

Rites and rituals is a section for activities and downloads themed around the Inheritance cycle.

Training Arena Edit

The training arena, which resembles the home, consists of four games.

Urgal Training Edit

The red banner marked "Combat" leads to the Urgal combat game. The player, in a wrap-around landscape, must turn and fight various Urgals (using the a and d keys) over three levels with a variety of weapons; namely fists (selected by q), Brom's staff (selected by w), Murtagh's sword (selected by e) and Arya's bow (selected by r and recharged by the space bar). The player obtains 200 points for each defeated Urgal but loses if the Urgals reduce their health to zero before the timer has counted to zero. This game appears automatically when navigating to the website.

Lore Mastery Edit

The grey banner marked Lore Mastery leads to a test of the players knowledge of the Ancient Language. Players listen to sixteen questions and must select one of the four provided answers. If they are correct, the white circle representing the question turns green, if they are not, it turns red. The maximum possible score is 800 points.

Rider's Perception Edit

The brown banner marked Rider's perception leads to a "spot the difference" quiz. Two similar images from the cycle are presented and the player must click on all seven differences between the two before the time runs out. There are seven pairs, and the maximum score is 490 points.

Dragon Riding Edit

The blue banner marked "Dragon Riding" leads to a flight game. The player, as Eragon and Saphira, must fly through a canyon using the arrow keys, trying not to collide with the walls or be hit by arrows from Imperial troops. They may pick up rings (bronze being worth 10 points, silver 50 points and gold 100 points) along with power ups obtain extra health and more time. They lose if their health is reduced to zero by the Imperials but can fight back by using the space bar to produce a jet of flame.

Characters Edit

The characters section incorporates short biographies of these characters:

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