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Kialandí's Dragon was the dragon bonded to Kialandí of the Forsworn. The name of Kialandí's Dragon was unknown, due to the Banishing of the Names by the other dragons. All that was known about this dragon is that it's color was purple.


Before the Banishing of the Names, and by extension, Galbatorix's rise, this dragon and his Rider, the elf Kialandí, along with Rider Formora and her dragon, instigated and enacted a plan to capture two senior members of the Riders, the elf Oromis and his partner Glaedr, and bend them to Galbatorix's will. The plan failed due to the strength of Oromis and the bravery of Glaedr, and during the fighting, Kialandí was impaled and very nearly killed on one of the spikes on his dragon partner's back. This incapacitated both for the remainder of the fight. Oromis and Glaedr escaped, though both of them were crippled for life as a result of the struggle.

Soon after, Kialandí was healed, and he and his dragon departed for Vroengard, where they participated in the Fall of the Riders. It is known that Kialandí himself killed at least one Rider, Arva, and it is likely that he and his dragon killed many more. When the battle was over, they departed the island, and continued in Galbatorix's service until their deaths.

All of the Forsworn's Dragons were punished by the members of their race in retribution for their treachery, and it is known that Kialandí's Dragon was no exception. This dragon's name was forgotten, and he/she slowly lost all that made him/her unique as an individual. This probably drove it mad to the point of death, and may have killed or maddened Kialandí as well.