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Maud was a female werecat who lived in Du Weldenvarden with the elves. She was also known as The Watcher, Quickpaw, as well as The Dream Dancer.

Description Edit

Maud has a white, shaggy "mane" of hair, with stiff bangs. She has many rows of sharp teeth and her eyes are described as "feral". Her face is described as "creased and lined like a dry, withered apple." She is also described as a "woman-child", as she is small.

Possible outcomes Edit

Maud might be in love with Solembum as when Saphira Brightscales told her about Solembum she started purring in affection. Also she could be his sister because she talked about him in annoyance to Eragon during his first visit to Ellesméra.

It's also possible that she was the caretaker of Dusan and Alanna, the two elf children of Ellesméra, because she was with them while Eragon was forging his sword Brisingr.

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