A monarchy is a form of government where a nation is ruled under the authority of a king and/or queen. Kingdoms were generally hereditary, traditionally being passed from father to son. In the event that a King does not have a male heir, there is a ladder of family members next in line to be ruler. In most historical monarchies, if a King's daughter were married to another nation's prince or king, that ruler would inherit the daughter's family's kingdom. If a king had no children, the kingdom would then be passed down to the next closest relative (uncle, cousin, nephew, in laws, etc.). In Alagaesia, the dwarves and Elves would elect a new king or queen in a democratic style. Although the title of queen was not used during her reign over the Varden, Nasuada was similarly elected as ruler over the Varden after her father's passing.

In the Inheritance Cycle, King Galbatorix, theoretically, would have never been succeeded due to him being a Rider, making him Immortal. This is noted several times when characters discuss what to do about Galbatorix's evil reign, as they could not "wait for him to die off."

Monarchies in Alagaësia:

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  1. The Empire was officially a monarchy, as it was under the control of King Galbatorix. In actuality, its government more closely resembled an absolute monarchy or even a dictatorship.

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