Spoiler Brisingr

Nado was the clan chief of Dûrgrimst Knurlcarathn. He was the main opposition to Orik in the race to become dwarven king in Brisingr. He hated the Varden and openly announced that they should not be supported. He was described as being "a round-faced dwarf with flaxen hair".

Nado's initial support came from three clans: Dûrgrimst Feldûnost, Dûrgrimst Fanghur, and Dûrgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhûin. Despite his being an erstwhile ally, Nado voted with the other dwarves in banishing Vermûnd. He received a total of five votes for kingship, his own vote, as well as those of Gáldhiem, Gannel, Ûndin, and Freowin (who had previously promised his vote to Orik). Following Orik's election, Nado swore an oath of fealty to Orik along with the other clan chiefs, "the words dropping from his mouth like bars of lead".