This article is about the animal Nagra. You may be looking for Dûrgrimst Nagra.
Wild boar

Wild boar

A Nagra was a kind of giant wild pig that dwelled in the Beor Mountains. They were served at great feasts, such as the one prepared for Eragon and Saphira's arrival in Tarnag. Because they were difficult to hunt and had great ferocity, they were only hunted by the bravest dwarves. Nagra were described as being even larger than a Shrrg, which were giant wolves of the Beor Mountains. This means that Nagra were even larger than fully grown horses. Although they were very large, Nagra were fast and agile, able to scale mountains with ease.

Description Edit

Nagra were large, bigger than typical horses. Their bristly coats were russet-brown to black or gray in color, piglets having brown stripes for camouflage. Their eyes were yellow, brown or black in color. They were able to move deceptively fast for such large beasts and were prized game. They were only served to the most respected of guests and they were cooked with honey and mint.