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Niernen ("Orchid" in the Ancient Language) was a weapon known as a Dauthdaert, in the form of a long spear. Its most noticeable feature was that it was surrounded by an emerald glow and the weapon itself was also of a green hue. Although it was thought destroyed after Du Fyrn Skulblaka, the spear passed into the hands of the Waldgrave family who kept it in Belatona. During the Battle of Belatona, Lord Bradburn gave the order for it to be used against Saphira. Although Saphira was nearly killed in the conflict, the soldier wielding it was defeated and the weapon passed into the hands of Arya, who later used it to fight Thorn and slay Shruikan.

Upon learning that it still existed, Grimrr Halfpaw stated that it was "strange to find such a weapon in this age, especially that ... particular weapon", but would only say that Niernen was notorious when questioned. Eragon was forced to explain to the Humans, Dwarves and Urgals what a Dauthdaert was, as none of their races would have records of such weapons.

In a Random Buzzers interview in December 2011, Christopher Paolini revealed that Niernen was destroyed in Galbatorix's explosion.[1]