Non-verbal manipulation was an advanced method of spellcasting that involved casting spells without the Ancient Language. It was only taught to very skilled spellcasters once they had exhausted all other branches of magic. Non-verbal manipulation worked basically the same as normal spellcasting, only no words are spoken.

Uses Edit

Non-verbal manipulation allowed for faster spellcasting than verbal manipulation, making it ideal for stealth attacks and surprise. It also allowed a magician to use magic even if he was gagged, underwater, or drugged. Magicians that had mastered non-verbal manipulation were significantly harder to capture and detain.

However, non-verbal manipulation comes at the price of increasing the chance of a mistake. If the magician's thoughts wander or his attention is disturbed, the effects of his magic may be disturbed in some ways, like hitting a different target unintentionally. Oromis warned Eragon not to use non-verbal manipulation unless there was no other option.

Role in the books Edit

When Eragon first arrived in Ellesméra, Queen Islanzadí used her magic to summon a downpour of flowers.

Eragon used non-verbal manipulation during an assassination attempt on his life by the dwarves.

Dragons never use the Ancient Language when they cast their semi-passive magic.

Vanir used non-verbal manipulation to break free of Eragon's restraining spells.

Oromis showed Eragon how to perform non-verbal manipulation by casting fire without the Ancient Language.

Tenga used non-verbal manipulation to start a fire.

When Galbatorix uses the Name of Names to prevent anyone from using the ancient language. Eragon cast a non-verbal spell of understanding on him.

Role in the movie Edit

Durza uses non-verbal manipulation almost every time he fights Eragon. When he fights Eragon at Gil'ead, he uses non-verbal manipulation to attack Eragon with first a multitude of axes and other weapons (which are either dodged or blocked by Eragon with his sword), then several large fragments of wall (which are destroyed with Brisingr, weakening Eragon and leading to his defeat) and finally a large spear (which Brom dives in front of). Later, during the Battle of Farthen Dur he uses non-verbal manipulation to block Saphira's fire, cast fireballs at Saphira, and create a magical dagger to slash Eragon's back when he jumps on The Beast for the first time.

Durza also uses non-verbal manipulation to (painfully) kill an Urgal that had failed him.

Role in the game Edit

Eragon only sometimes uses an incantation to cast spells in the game.

During the bossfight against Durza, Durza's short distance teleportation spells and other spells are non-verbal.

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