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The Northern Massacres were attacks by the Urgals, secretly under the command of Galbatorix, on outlying settlements in the northern area of the Broddring Empire.


King Galbatorix suspected that many of the villages in the north of the Broddring Empire, where there was little Imperial presence, secretly supported the Varden. As the Rider War became a reality, the King wanted to make certain that there would not be an uprising in the north while he engaged the Varden and their allies in the south. As a result, Galbatorix ordered raids upon these cities to remind the villagers of his authority and scare them out of supporting the Varden and into supporting him out of their fear.


After Durza created the binding spell on the Urgals, Galbatorix ordered that the Urgals begin attacking villages in the north. The north had few large cities: there were only small farming communities to deal with. Caught unawares, many humans living in the north were murdered (for example, Yazuac). Some remote villages like Carvahall and Therinsford, however, escaped the carnage, as they were hidden by the mountains of the Spine.


Galbatorix did not want the people of the Broddring Empire to know that he was behind the attacks, for he knew that such a revelation would only fuel rebellion. He therefore had his agents spread the rumor that the Urgals had allied themselves with the Varden, to create the misconception that they were actual instigators behind the attacks.


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