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Orik was a male dwarf, the son of Thrifk and of Hrothgar's youngest sister, later being adopted by Hrothgar himself. He was a member of the Dûrgrimst Ingeitum (clan of smiths), an ally (and foster brother) of Eragon and at the time of the Rider War the 43rd king of the dwarf clans. As king, he was the wielder of Volund.


Early history[]

Orik was born to Hrothgar's youngest sister and Thrifk. They both died of pox when Orik was young, so Hrothgar adopted him and made him his heir. Orik got into trouble a few times when he was young and was sent to the Forest of Stone as punishment. He spent little time there however and ran off. Later, he killed a Nagra to appease Hrothgar in hopes that Hrothgar would forgive Orik's previous transgressions.

Prelude and Battle of Tronjheim[]

Orik was the first to discover the dragon Saphira, her rider Eragon and Murtagh (son of Morzan), who were trying to find the Varden to save the dying elf Arya. He pulled Eragon out of the waterfall, which hid the Varden's secret base. He then watched as the Twins invaded Eragon's mind to discover his true intentions, but interrupted them when he saw the pain that they caused Eragon. His intrusion was dealt with by Ajihad, leader of the Varden, who sent him over to Hrothgar to learn of his punishment.

Orik's punishment was not so severe, as he acted as a host for Eragon and Saphira in Tronjheim. In fact, it was like a promotion because he actually enjoyed showing Eragon and Saphira around. He was among the many dwarves who would fight the the battle against Durza the Shade and his army of Urgals who attacked the Varden.

Among the elves[]

"In the interest of fairness", King Hrothgar sent Orik to accompany Eragon to Ellesméra, the elven capital, where Eragon would continue his training as a Dragon Rider. Eragon's first reaction to this was irritation, as it meant the journey would have to be made over land, rather than on Saphira's back. However, he later acknowledges Hrothgar's plan as a wise one, realizing that it is important to maintain equality between the different races with which he and Saphira would be dealing.

Orik was one of the few to meet Oromis, a crippled Dragon Rider elf: Orik questioned Oromis' absence from the war against Galbatorix, but later understood that it was due to the elf's crippled state. During Eragon's training, Orik remained in the background, coping with the tension between the elves and himself and playing games of Runes. By the end of Eragon's time in Ellesméra, Orik and the elves became more tolerant of each other: Orik even submitted a piece to the Blood-Oath Celebration, a traditional elvish ceremony commemorating the pact between the elves and dragons.

Battle of the Burning Plains[]

Because of the need for haste when Eragon decided to return to Surda after learning of Galbatorix's planned attack against the Varden, Orik was forced to ride on Saphira to the Varden, thus making him the only known dwarf to have ridden on a dragon. During the flight, he exchanged riddles with Saphira.

Orik joined the dwarves under Hrothgar in the battle against Galbatorix's forces at the Burning Plains. He took charge of the dwarf sappers of the Ingeitum clan. In the battle, he and other dwarves under his command fought alongside Eragon and Saphira, guarding their flank. When Murtagh, Galbatorix's new servant and Rider, slew Hrothgar, Orik traveled back to Tronjheim after the battle to elect the new dwarven king.

Election as king[]

During Eragon's first stay in Ellesméra, Orik became drunk off of an elvish drink called Faelnirv and disclosed to Eragon that he was promised in marriage to the dwarf maiden Hvedra. He said that Hvedra was the fairest maiden he had ever seen. Hvedra was of his clan: daughter of Himinglada and Thorgerd One-eye: she was Hrothgar's great-niece, being granddaughter of his sister-in-law, Vardrûn and her husband, his brother/uncle. After the Battle of the Burning Plains, by the time Eragon made it back to the Beor Mountains to observe the dwarven election, Orik and Hvedra were married. Because of Orik's title as Hrothgar's only named heir, Orik became the Grimstborith of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, though he had to argue with the families of the Ingeitum for a week of contentious business, but in the end, the dwarves agreed he should follow in Hrothgar's footsteps and inherit his position. Despite this and despite the fact that the Ingeitum were still one of the most rich and influential of the clans, he was still young by the standards of the dwarves, and his association with the rebels was an disadvantage to gaining the support of the other clan chiefs. Another obstacle was that the other great clans—Dûrgrimst Feldûnost and Dûrgrimst Knurlcarathn, to name but two—were eager, after over a hundred years of rule by the Ingeitum, to see the seat of power go to a different clan. By the time Eragon reached Began Hold, Dûrgrimstn Gedthrall, Ledwonnû and Nagra had sworn their support to him.

Eragon was sent by Nasuada to give favor for a king who would support the Varden's cause, whether or not it be Orik. Orik warmly received his foster brother and also promised him that - in the event that he saw his own election to the throne in jeopardy - he would place his vote on another dwarf who had the well-being of the Varden in mind. During his stay, Eragon survived an assassination attempt on his life by the Dûrgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, a dwarf clan who hated the Riders. Orik was able to use Eragon's presence and the assassination attempt to gain enough votes to elect him as king, as well as to banish the Az Sweldn rak Anhûin. After this, he voted to start the real voting for a new king. During the voting, in which Grimstborith Nado of Dûrgrimst Knurlcarathn became his main and now only rival for the throne, the votings for Orik and the votings of Nado when neck-to-neck. That the first voter, Grimsborith Hadfala of Dûrgrimst Ebardac, had cast her lot with Orik boded well, as, before the attempt on Eragon's life, Hadfala had been supporting Gannel as part of his triumvirate and, since Hadfala's allegiance had shifted to Orik's camp, Orik and Eragon hoped that the other member of Gannel's cohort, Grimstborith Ûndin may also give his vote them. The next chief, Grimstborith Gáldhiem of Dûrgrimst Feldûnost, as expected, voted for Nado as the next king, equaling the votes, only to be followed by Manndrâth of Dûrgrimst Ledwonnû, who Orik gave a nod of thanks after he gave his vote to Orik. The next clan chieftain, Gannel, the chief of Dûrgrimst Quan and high priest of Gûntera, cast his lot with Nado, much to Eragon and Orik's anger, although Orik informed Eragon on how it was note the first time the Quan's chieftain had lost the vote, the last being 824 years ago, but fell silence as Ûndin of Dûrgrimst Ragni Hefthyn (the River Guard), who was still loyal to Gannel, declare his vote was to Nado, much to Orik's silent anger. The next Grimstborith, Thordris, chieftess of Dûrgrimst Nagra, voted for Orik as the dwarves new king, equality the votes once again. Next came Nado, who, naturally, voted for himself as the dwarves new king, to which Orik notes to he supposed it would be to much to ask for the chief of Dûrgrimst Knurlcarathn to vote for anyone but himself. The eighth Grimstborithn, Freowin of Dûrgrimst Gedthrall, to the astonishment of the clanmmet, voted for Nado as the new rulers, converse to his promise to support Orik, causing Orik to swear in dwarvish, realized at since Gannel, who was leader of the religious clan was supporting Nado, Freowin, who visits Sindri's temple twice a day, would not go against Gannel's wishes and that Gannel had been playing him this would time. Orik's time to vote had come, to which he voted for himself as the dwarves new king, promising that if the became king, the dwarves would gain gold and glory and the freedom to live above the ground without fear of Galbatorix destroying their homes, swearing this on his family's honour. The following chief, Havard of Dûrgrimst Fanghur, who originally supported Nado, decided to uphold his bargain with Orik. After, with the voting of Hreidamar of Dûrgrimst Urzhad, Orik and Nado's voting became equal once again, before Íorûnn of Dûrgrimst Vrenshrrgn (Wolves of War) casts her vote to Oriik, tipping the votes to Orik, and the readers-of-law proclaimed Orik as the forty-third king of Tronjheim, Farthen D?r, and every knurla above and below the Beor Mountains. His first act was to pool all resources into helping the Varden and gather his people to march to Dras-Leona, and then to Urû'baen.


Orik was kind, loyal, likable, and level-headed, ideal traits for becoming King. He was characterized by his desire for the Dwarves to contribute to the war against Galbatorix instead of hiding in their cities waiting to be attacked. He also questioned Oromis for not fighting, though he understood his crippled state.

Orik came off a little rough, but is a very cultured man, able to appreciate the finer points of poetry, smithing, carving, and history. This was seen in his interactions with the elven smith, Rhunon, who invited Orik to discuss her work. He was quite excited to learn that she had been taught and educated in her craft by an ancient member of his clan, showing his love of his people and culture's impact far beyond his homeland.

Orik was also a shrewd tactician and statesman, able to formulate a plan to bring Vermund's treachery and crimes against their kingdom and Eragon to light during the process of choosing the next Dwarf monarch. Orik played his strategy close to the chest, playing Eragon's diplomatic status and importance beyond his relation as a member of Durgrimst Ingeitum against the leader of Durgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhuin and rendering Vermund forever clanless. This displays that despite his seemingly straightforward and honest demeanor, that Orik was a cunning leader and not someone to trifle with regarding the laws of his homeland, especially when far more than his kingdom is at stake.

Behind the scenes[]

Orik's role in the film is completely omitted. The only main dwarf in the Eragon movie was Hrothgar, the dwarf king. The film gives Hrothgar all Orik's scenes.

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