Physical transformation was a magic art in which a magician altered his or her appearance. Elves often used this element of magic, as their vanity was their greatest weakness, always searching for beauty. However, it was not to be used lightly. In Eldest, Eragon learned of the perils of physical transformation from Oromis. It is also stated to be different than the shapeshifting abilities of the werecats.

Kinds of transformation seenEdit

At the Blood-Oath Celebration, elves were seen who resembled plants, fish, wolves, cats, as well as even a dragon. Blödhgarm was a prime example of this, as he had transformed himself to resemble a wolf, panther, and eagle but he was not actually at the event.

Eragon himself went through a change (permanent) in the Blood-Oath Celebration where he became half-elf and half-human. Another example would be when Arya changed the shape of her ears from pointed ears to rounded ears. It is unknown what words were used to make this transformation occur but they were not to be used lightly.

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