Potions were an element of magic commonly used by witches and wizards. Using a potion involved mixing together natural elements such as herbs and animal remains to create various spells. Specific ingredients known to be used were mandrake roots, newts' tongues, nightshade, hemlock, rhododendrons, savin, bark from yew trees and a whole variety of mushrooms: sulphur tuft, inkcaps, navelcaps, Dwarf shields, russet toughshanks, blood rings, spotted deceivers, spotted corts and Fricai Andlát. Witches and wizards were known to use equipment such as mortars, pestles, cauldrons, metal bowls and tongs in their potion-making.

Known PotionsEdit

Love PotionsEdit

Love potions were supposedly magical mixtures some witches (and presumably wizards) created to sell anyone who wanted them. In theory, they could make two people fall in love with each other. Angela sold some in her shop, although she never claimed that they worked at all. It is possible that Trianna tried to use a love potion on Eragon soon after Nasuada was appointed leader of the Varden, as Eragon was strangely intoxicated by her when she visited him in his room in Farthen Dûr,

Mandrake root and newt's tongueEdit

Mandrake root and newt's tongue was a potion used by witches and wizards to perform various spells. Eragon found Angela cooking this brew when he visited her in Farthen Dûr.

Skilna BraghEdit

During my captivity, a rare poison, Skilna Bragh, was given to me…Arya to Eragon
Skilna Bragh was a drug used by the Broddring Empire. It caused individuals under its influence to lose their ability to use magic. More importantly, it also poisoned the recipient, usually killing him/her painfully in merely a few hours, though it seems that elves can hold out much longer than this by using their ability to induce a healing coma-like state on themselves. To resist the drug, Arya fell into a self-induced sleep, where no one could reach her. It slowed down the poison's effects and enabled her to remain alive long enough for Eragon and Murtagh to get her to Tronjheim.

Tunivor's NectarEdit

Tunivor's Nectar was the antidote to the deadly drug Skilna Bragh administered to Arya during her torture after her capture by Durza. It is extracted from the cap of Fricai Andlát and out of the Broddring Empire, is only found in two places: the Varden and the Elves.