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Rabbits were among the mammalian inhabitants of Alagaësia. Hunters such as Eragon found their skins and meat useful, but mad, red-eyed rabbits were the bane of magic users. Angela knitted herself a sweater bearing a protective glyph in the Liduen Kvaedhí (devised by Dvalar) across the inside of the chest. Exactly what dangerous powers are possessed by mad rabbits which would lead magicians to fear them, is unknown.

Overcome by a desire for meat in "The Beginning of Wisdom" in Eldest, Eragon captured a brace of rabbits using magic and cooked them, but found himself unable to eat a creature that he had shared his mind with. Saphira considered rabbits to be "oversized mice."

In an interview, when begged for "just one bit of information about Inheritance," author Christopher Paolini warned readers to "Beware of red-eyed rabbits."[1] This reference later appeared in story being told to some Urgals by Angela regarding a red-eyed rabbit who tore out the throat of Hord, a friend of Terrin. She stated that the rabbit fled into the forest and out of history, but every so often in the location of her tale, you might come across a freshly killed deer or Feldûnost that looks as if has been nibbled at, and the footprints of an unusually large rabbit around it, and every so often a warrior from Kvóth would turn up dead with his throat torn out as well.

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