Raw energy was a measure of how much stamina (or calories or life force) for physical work and spellcasting a living thing had. Every time a magician used Magic, they used some of their raw energy (which is why it takes the same amount of energy to use magic as it takes to perform the same action by mundane means). The higher the raw energy of someone, the more work and magic they can perform before fainting or dying.

Raw energy of the different racesEdit

Dragons and Lethrblaka, because of their large size and endurance and strength, had the highest reserves of raw energy in Alagaësia. However, Dragons could not use their Semi-passive magic consciously and Lethrblaka could not use magic at all.

Elves, the Ra'zac, and the Werecats also had very high levels raw energy and tired slowly. Elves were very proficient spellcasters, the greatest of all known humanoid races, but the Ra'zac could not make use of their raw energy for magic; neither could Werecats (although werecats actually have been know to use supernatural power, something that suggests that they also had some kind of Semi-passive magic).

Dwarves, Urgals, and Humans did not have as much raw energy as the races described above. However, it seemed that Dwarves and Urgals had more than Humans, as Dwarves were longer-lived than most Humans and both races were generally stronger than most Humans.