The Rimgar, or the Dance of Snake and Crane, was a series of poses that the elves developed to prepare their warriors for battle, but they mostly used it to stay in shape, similar to the real-life art of yoga. The Rimgar had four different levels, based on flexibility and strength. The first action was to bring the hands from the side to above the head. Then, the person would bend down, touch the ground with the palms, and jump back.

Eragon's TrainingEdit

During his training with Oromis, Eragon could only do the first level because he was not yet very flexible. He first learned the Rimgar on the Crags of Tel'naeír from Oromis, who could do it with ease. Originally, the Rimgar did not cause any episodes with Eragon's injured back, even though it was performed before the Agaetí Blödhren; however, as he progressed up the levels, Eragon's back did have a few episodes. Even after his back was healed by the dragons, he still had trouble completing the poses, as he still did not have the flexibility of most elves. The Rimgar was difficult even for some elves, but almost all of them could complete the final level after practicing for many years.

Once Eragon's back was healed, Eragon was able to proceed to the third level of the Rimgar. During Brisingr, he would perform the second level in the morning to loosen up his muscles for the day.