Sheep were four-legged mammals that inhabited Alagaësia. They were mainly known for having thick wool coats which could be harvested to make garments and other items.

Saphira could eat sheep, but hated doing so, describing them as "horrible fluffy things that give me hairballs and indigestion." She consumed five of them upon her flight from the Varden to Tronjheim to witness the coronation of Orik.

Angela once suggested "Sheep Biter" as alternate name for Eragon's sword Brisingr, leading him to indicate Saphira and state that he already had a Sheep Biter, much to Saphira's annoyance.

Despite her annoyance with the effects of eaten them, she may have found them tasty, for she considered eating a flock of them when she, Saphira, and the Eldunarí of Glaedr first arrived outside Urû'baen, despite not being truly hungry. She ultimately decided against it, however.

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