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When Nasuada and Orrin advanced out of Surda to try and take Feinster, they sent a division of 1000 soldiers, commanded by a Captain Brigman, to siege Aroughs. The siege continued unsuccessfully for several weeks. Finally, Nasuada grew tired of it and sent Roran (who had a reputation for getting lucky and coming up with excellent plans) to replace Brigman as commander, giving Roran a week to take the city. When Roran arrived, he looked toward the canals that entered Aroughs, and figured that they could be broken open beneath the surface. He had his men construct five barges, which he then strapped together into a giant battering ram. When it hit the gate, it broke open, and after some resistance, the Varden entered the city.

They did so before curfew was over, and so fought very few soldiers. The biggest skirmish was in a courtyard with a fountain, when Lord Halstead's magician foughtCarn. Both died, but Roran's forces were able to defeat the soldiers. Then, after entering the central palace, the Varden convinced several washerwomen to tell the location of Halstead's room. En route to it, Roran was shot in the back with an arrow, which Brigman cut out for him.

Meanwhile, fifty of the Varden, led by Baldor, found Lord Halstead and his daughter, Lady Galiana. They retreated inside their room and blocked the door, so Baldor set fire to some barrels and put them against his door. The two were unable to come out in time, and suffocated.

In the end, the siege was successful. The Varden had only 42 casualties during the attack, while avoiding a large contingent of 1500-2000 soldiers.

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The siege of Aroughs was a victory for the Varden, who now could advance safely without having to worry about being attacked from behind. They went on to conquer Dras-Leona, and eventually Uru'Baen.