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The Silk Guild was an organization based in Surda.


The Guild provided nearly all of Surda's silk and exported goods to the Broddring Empire, the Beor Mountains and even to the elves. Consequently, the Guild was a powerful and influential entity within the Surdan government. Because of the expenses required to make silk, most of the Guild's members were rich aristocrats and wealthy traders who could pull political strings to increase sales.

Troubles with the VardenEdit

During the Varden's stay in Surda, Nasuada, desperate to raise funds to support her cause, ordered the Du Vrangr Gata to manufacture lace using magic. The sudden influx of cheap lace into the market caused the Silk Guild to lose income. They petitioned King Orrin to halt the Varden's work, but the plea was never answered to their liking. As a result, the Guild became very anti-Varden and anti-war, protesting that the effort to overthrow the Broddring Empire was a conspiracy by the Varden to rule Alagaësia.

Future RoleEdit

  • The Silk Guild was only mentioned once by Christopher Paolini, in Eldest and has a fan-based history as well as it did not play a role in Brisingr or Inheritance. They probably went out of business.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

The Silk Guild may be based on the Silk Road. They are similar in many ways, the main being to trade and gain money.