A sling is a type of weapon primarily used by Urgals. It consists of a small pouch in the centre of two lengths of rope or cord. Slings were used to hurl blunt projectiles, usually stones, at targets. To use it both cords are placed in the users hand, and the user swings the sling in a circular pattern, releasing one of the two cords at the proper time, causing the projectile to fly out of the pouch at high speeds. Slings were cheap and easy to create, though they were much less lethal than bows and had a much shorter range. Nar Garzhvog, a Kull warchief allied with the Varden, hunted by using a sling on his journey to the Beor Mountains with Eragon. Garzhvog's immense strength and skill with the sling allowed him to hunt and kill large game, like adult deer.