Throwing spear

The spear was a popular weapon among elves and humans.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

The spear was used against cavalry and infantry alike. Generally, a spear was about the same height or a little bit taller than the owner of the spear. Depending on the type of spear utilized the spear could be thrown as a ballistic weapon, or held fast and used as melee weapon. The spearmen were used on the front line of the various armies they were used in, in the belief that their long shafts allowed them to strike enemies from further away, which would make them useless on the back line or in the middle. The blade of the spear was leaf-shaped, to pierce armor, while the handle and shaft were often used to block attacks from either side. Spearmen were often the first to die in the army.

The spear had many notable variants, the most notable of which was the pike. The pike was similar to a normal spear, but the shaft was much longer, often averaging twenty feet in length. Varden Pikemen fought in the front lines at the Battle under Farthen Dûr.


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