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The Spectral Dragon was a dragon that appeared in the form of a tattoo around the elves Iduna and Nëya. This dragon was described as an iridescent tattoo that began with the dragon's tail wrapped around Iduna's left ankle, eventually ending with the head on Nëya's chest. It had "the vibrant appearance of a rainbow," with every scale inked a different color. When Iduna and Nëya danced, the dragon appeared to come to life, rising from the tattoo.

It was stated that when the dragon looked Eragon in the eye, he "knew that the creature was no mere apparition but a conscious being bound and sustained by magic." The snout of this dragon touched Eragon on his gedwëy ignasia and heat seemed to consume his insides and he was overcome by pain, forcing him to retreat deep within himself and eventually pass out. When he awoke, he found that all of his past injuries had been healed and he had gained the transformation to a more elf-like form and set of abilities that normally occurs to Dragon Riders over a great period of time.

Saphira described this being as the memories of the dragons' race, given form and substance by the elves' magic. It was later revealed that the Eldunarí hidden within the Vault of Souls provided the strength for the enchantment.

When Eragon defeated Galbatorix, he realized that there would still be great strife between the races, especially that of the Urgals. So he asked the Spectral dragon whether it would be all right to include Urgals and dwarves in the spell so that they might become Riders too. The Dragons wanted peace and balance in the land and told Eragon if what he did would bring it, they would go along with it.