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The Star Sapphire, or Isidar Mithrim, was a gigantic red gem sixty feet in diameter. Carved to resemble a rose in full bloom, it decorated the ceiling of Tronjheim's main hall. It was a crowning glory of dwarven architecture, also called the Star Rose. It was created by Dûrok Ornthrond during the Age of Herran.

During the Battle of Farthen Dûr, Arya was forced to shatter the sapphire, to momentarily distract Durza so that Eragon could deal the Shade a death blow. The dwarves were angered by her action and refused to move the shards, leaving the wreckage where it fell on the floor of the hall in mourning.

Saphira promised to help fix the art piece, after she returned from her and Eragon's training in Du Weldenvarden, which occurred in Brisingr. The dwarves built a scaffolding to put all the pieces back together. Saphira was able to magically repair the massive gem as a gift for the dwarves and also for (King) Orik's coronation gift. After the gem was repaired, Saphira's name was added to the plaque of the artists. The Star Rose had survived the worst and is still an inspiration to the dwarves. Upon being made whole by Saphira, the gem itself have been altered, becoming even more beautiful than before. In addition to its original red coloration, it was shot through with tones of dusky gold.

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