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The Stone of Broken Eggs was a rock formation near Ellesméra that was once home to a settlement of dragons.

During the Du Fyrn Skulblaka, a group of elves secretly ambushed the dragons while they slept in the Battle of Broken Egg and Scattered Nest, killing many and destroying their eggs.

During the Rider War, Glaedr brought Saphira to the Stone for a lesson, which went awry when she made a romantic advance on Glaedr. When Galedr rejected her, she attacked him, causing Glaedr to return to Oromis while Saphira remained. Eragon broke off his lesson with Oromis to aid Saphira. Along the way, he uncovered a fragment of a green dragon egg, which was formerly theorized by some fans to be the remains of a reincarnated green dragon's egg.

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