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"…Look closely at this bone. You can see how its end rests on that of the sailing ship. That is impossible to misunderstand. Your fate will be to leave this land forever. Where you will end up I know not but you will never again stand in Alagaësia. This is inescapable. It will come to pass even if you try to avoid it…"

Talíta was the name of an Elf-made ship. Eragon and a number of Elves sailed this ship out of Alagaësia to another land to train the next generation of Dragons and their Riders. Eragon first heard of this ship in Angela's prophecy and he also saw of it in a dream. Eragon then encountered it in Sílthrim, whereupon the elves allowed him to take it in order to transport everything needed.

Build descriptionEdit

The Talita was elven ship sung out of wood. As with all elven ships it was light, seeming to float a few inches off the water, graceful and seemed to inhibit some sort of knowledge of where the user wanted to be headed. The Talita must have also been large enough to comfortably host 30 Elves, hundreds of Eldunari, hundreds of dragon eggs, and hundreds of riders swords, as well as a source of supplies.

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