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The caretakers maintained the sacred bond between the dragons and their riders. They embodied the exalted values of the Riders. Once a century they performed the ritual of the Agaetí Blödhren to renew the ancient pact.


The caretakers consisted of the two beautiful female elves, Iduna and Nëya. They were nearly identical, they could only be distinguished by their hair - one had black hair and one had silver hair. They were covered with rainbow colored tattoos that when they stood together, formed a dragon. A dragon with rainbow scales came to life through magic from these tattoos during the Blood-Oath Celebration.


They danced and chanted as they spun in circles on the third night of the Agaetí Blödhren. They healed Eragon of his scar and altered his appearance. After the fall of Galbatorix, the Caretakers helped Eragon create a new pact with the dragons. This new pact allowed Urgals and Dwarves to become dragon riders.