The Song of Gerand was a folk song telling the tale of a warrior in Alagaësia named Gerand. The song described the warrior Gerand, who relinquished his sword for a wife and farm. A jealous lord declared a blood feud against Gerand and his family, and he was forced to take up arms once again. Forced to kill once more, he chose to make the instrument of his fighting a simple hammer. Gerand was said to be considered the greatest warrior of his age.

It was stated that Roran generally did not like the stories told by Brom, but found something that resonated with him in The Song of Gerand. It was for this reason that Roran chose to fight with a hammer.

Criticism SatisfiedEdit

  • A common criticism leveled at The Inheritance Cycle is that warfare is portrayed as "fun." The Song of Gerand directly counteracts such criticism by giving an example of a warrior who was reluctant to kill, but did so out of necessity to protect his family. The example is then paralleled in the character of Roran, who emulates this warrior.


  • The tale of Gerand feels similar in nature to the case of Martin the Warrior, a renowned mouse warrior in the Redwall series. Martin proved a tremendous leader in combat, bringing peace to the woodland area of Mossflower, then settled down to a peaceful life as the leader of Redwall Abbey, offering calm, gentle and fair advice. He later returned throughout the series as a spiritual adviser, appearing in times to need to members of the Abbey.