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The Spine was a mountain range that ran down the west coast of Alagaësia. It had only one major pass, along the Toark River, which isolated the coast. Most people in the Broddring Empire feared the Spine and the danger it represented, especially since Galbatorix lost nearly half his army in it against the Urgals, during his campaign against the Dragon Riders. After this incident, hardly anyone dared to venture near to this dangerous mountain range.

History Edit

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The Spine in the film

A few separate, but important, events occurred within the Spine:

  • Galbatorix was ambushed by Urgals and lost two fellow Dragon Riders, along with his first dragon.
  • Galbatorix lost half the Imperial Army crusading through the Spine. This is the rumour that Galbatorix spread, but the Urgals told Eragon that it was they who attacked the Imperial Army and that they destroyed more than half of it.
  • Eragon found Saphira's egg within the mountain range because when Arya tried to transport the egg to Brom in Carvahall, Umaroth and his fellow Eldunarí meddled with the spell and got it to get sent to Eragon instead because they saw potential whithin him.
  • Eragon and Saphira hid from the Ra'zac. This was the first time that Eragon rode on Saphira and it led to him being tortuously wounded, as he had no protection against Saphira's hard scales.
  • Brom, Eragon and Saphira hid in the mountains before they fled from Carvahall, during which time Brom and Eragon struck up a traveling arrangement and built Saphira's saddle.
  • Roran led most of the village of Carvahall across the Spine to escape from Galbatorix's soldiers and the Ra'zac, who were occupying the village. He also cowered in the Spine while waiting for the Ra'zac to leave.
  • Sloan will not go near The Spine after his wife went over the falls near it. Nor will he let his daughter (Katrina) go near it.

Occupants Edit

  • Urgals, along with other monsters, made their homes in the mountains of the Spine.
  • Few men ventured into the mountains and were able to come back. Eragon was one of these few.

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