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Therinsford on a map of Alagaësia

It's ugly, if nothing else.Brom

Therinsford was a town southwest of Carvahall. Its buildings were scattered about, in no particular order. It was located in Palancar Valley.

Role in Eragon[]

Roran received a job in Therinsford as a miller's assistant, but it was cut short by the Death of his father, Garrow. By Eldest, he was back in Carvahall and never returned to Therinsford or the job. Brom and Eragon traveled through Therinsford on their quest for vengeance, but did not encounter Roran: due to the fact that Albriech and Baldor had almost certainly fetched him by then and that Eragon had no desire to face his cousin. They bought Snowfire and Cadoc in the village and left.

The village was described as being larger than Carvahall, but less organised. It is likely that the population was around 500.

Therinsford never appeared in any other books and did not appear in the film.