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Urû'baen on a map of Alagaësia

Urû'baen (Translation: the downfall of the wise) was the capital city of the Broddring Empire and the center of the Broddring Kingdom under Galbatorix . The king rarely left Urû'baen, except during times of great need. The only known time after the Dragon War he left was to Dras-Leona, where he went to punish the corrupt Lord Tábor. Until it was taken by Galbatorix and the Forsworn during the Dragon War, Urû'baen had been an elven city named Ilirea and then the capital of the Broddring Kingdom. Oromis was said to have lived here before the Dragon War and had made a Fairth of it the day he fled the city before Galbatorix took control. After Galbatorix was defeated, Nasuada changed the name of the city back to Ilirea. This location is also where the clan of Az Sweldn Rak Anhuin was almost completely destroyed, leading to a blood feud with the Dragon Riders. This was why the members tried to assassinate Eragon in the tunnels of Farthen Dur.


Urû'baen was the centre of the Broddring Empire, serving as the headquarters for Galbatorix. It was a totalitarian city, just like the rest of the Broddring Empire.


Urû'baen had tall spire-like buildings made of glass and stone. It would seem that they would knock over from strong winds, but are resiliant against it. Most of the elven buildings were incorporated into the Imperial human re-design of the city. The one structure we do know about is Castle Ilirea, which Jeod found a secret tunnel into, which lead to the great chase for Saphira's egg. The structure, created by elves, had been built upon by Galbatorix into his black citadel. Also included were six emerald towers, of which at least two were destroyed in the siege of Urû'baen/Ilirea.

The walls of the city are much larger than those of Dras-Leona or Aroughs, both in length and in height. They surround the entire city, are over 300 feet tall, and on their battlements are ballistae and catapults mounted at regular intervals.

The city was protected above by a large overhang made of stone, over half a mile wide and five hundred feet thick at its narrowest, which formed one end of a massive hill that sloped off into the northeast for miles. This mass of stone was fortified with ancient spells by elven spellcasters during the time the city was known as Illirea. It was a popular place for dragons to rest, as Saphira and Fírnen did during their courtship.


The fact that Urû'baen was the center of the Broddring Empire suggests it had a flourishing economy. However, it was likely also pressed down on by heavy taxes like the rest of the Broddring Empire, perhaps even more.


Urû'baen meant "the downfall of the wise" in the Ancient Language.