A dragon is a celestial creatures too there's the constellation of Draco and then there's the thought of a bigger dragon being seen on the moon. Plus how much Asia sees dragons as a creator or a guardian. But there are real things that could spread the width of this tale quetzals they're one of the birds some Native Americans don't see as a gentlebird but describe as a tiny dragon dressed with a robe because of how its feathers appear. Sea dragons are a different shape but they're related to the sea horse so just like there's the narwhal and mythical unicorns there are the real sea dragon who are thinner than the sea horse. and dragons like the big fantasy ones in this story. If a dragon was named amethyst I'd let that one be a brand new royal dragon for Alagaesia to enjoy as their faithful counselor. Other kinds of dragons like the spirit dragon who likes peace could be the one watching over Alagaesia and a rainbow dragon could be the kind of dragon to help the leaders of dwarves, elves,  werecats, and allies of these groups.

The even more fictional the sort of victory I can picture is if rainbow dragon, spirit dragon, Asia's golden dragon of unity, a purple royal dragon, and the not well known unicorn the Karkadann rushing altogether to fight the evil ruler. and if this story was a little more like Asia the Ki Lin would have told Eragon's mother he was somehow special and they would have been a bit more aware of his courageous hero. If these other dragons and unicorns were in Africa they'd be quite happy near Kilimanjaro or the big caves in Africa as well as Africa's lakes because oryx, antelope, and rhinos have all been mistaken as unicorns long ago and then how much most dragons love hot lands. Plus you go online and you find those who'd be likely to join wildlife in Africa like the ember unicorn whose hair is firey feathered unicorns who'd surely eat silently with other herds. The hornchanger unicorn would be perfect to do trick following the rhino herds And if there was ever a dragon who slept in the sea the jewel unicorn would likely be its common visitor because of how many shiny treasures are under the sea the jewels are food to this unicorn

In places like Spain the el alicornio unicorn has wings on legs that are small like a fish's fins a dragon who liked living on hills would enjoy this unicorn's company. Plus in a few stories there is the unigon which is the dragon and unicorn mixed.