The results are in for the contest to find the official theme song for Inheritance and the winners are Borna Matosic and his band Meridian Mind with their song The Time of the Dragon Riders. You can listen to the track here or download it from iTunes.


In this forsaken time

While sinister powers command

A young man rises up

Will he fall or make his stand?

Of all the secrets

That are buried in this land

He found the one that

Would lay history in his hands

Into the sky

Dragon wings carry you, Eragon

Two become one

Bring justice to those that have fallen

Into the sky

Fulfill your destiny, Eragon

May the time of the dragon riders come

Relinquish your despair

A scent of hope now colors the air

A sudden spark relumines the flame

And suddenly the world's not the same

Resistance! Vengeance!

The time for revenge has now finally come

Dragon Rider lead our fight

And we may be victorious tonight!