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Vervada was a wild female dragon and the mother of Saphira II. In the Ancient language, Vervada means "Stormcleaver".


Over the years she bore many eggs, but gave only one to the Dragon Riders, which hatched for Eragon Bromsson. It is also known that her mate was a Rider's dragon named Iormúngr. She perished in the Fall of the Dragon Riders.

Vervada was the great-great-great-granddaughter of Raugmar the Black. Through him, she was a descendant of Belgabad, the largest and oldest wild dragon living at the time of the Fall.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When asked what color Vervada and Iormúngr were in a Q&A session, Christopher Paolini said, "I've yet to decide that, actually, but with a name like Vervada, I wouldn't be surprised if Saphira's mother was crimson."[2]

Vervada's crimson color would be lighter in tone and hue than the "ruby red" color of another red dragon in the series, Thorn.

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