Fan-Art of Volund

Volund was the name of the powerful war hammer forged by Korgan, the first dwarf king. It was wielded by Hrothgar during the Battle under Farthen Dûr and the Battle of The Burning Plains. It is unknown to whom possession of Volund reverted during the interregnum that existed between the death of Hrothgar and the coronation of Orik. Volund was passed through generations of dwarven kings including Orik, the king during the latter part of the Rider War. At the end of Inheritance, when the leaders of the respective races were discussing who would succeed Galbatorix as the new human leader, Orik was stated to be leaning on Volund, implying that Volund was an inordinately large hammer (However, considering that he is a dwarf, this does not mean that the hammer would be overwhelmingly large for a human). It's possible that Volund was made of a strong metal such as brightsteel or enchanted with magic.

Real-world connections[]

Volund smed is the Norse name of Wayland the Smith, a legendary smith in the Norse mythology, see Poetic Edda.