A Warchief was a Urgal tribe leader, who, like most Urgals, was skilled in warfare. Garzhvog was a great warchief from the Spine.

In the Urgal tongue, it was signified by the title "Nar".

Garzhvog rose to warchief when others didn't because of the difficult challenges he put himself in and successfully completed. In Urgal culture, war and contention were used as a platform to increase one's status. The females would not consider any Urgal ram who hadn't bested at least three opponents. In Brisingr Garzhvog told Eragon how he went out and confronted a massive cave bear when he first got his horns. He killed it with nothing but his hands and used its stomach to cook the deer stew he shared with Eragon. Garzhvog stated that Eragon was considered to be an honorary warchief.