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Wyrden was a male elf and was one of Blödhgarm's spellcasters. He was a talented swordsman and sparred with Eragon while they waited for the Varden to depart from Belatona. He died in the Catacombs of Dras-Leona, having been impaled by magical amethyst spikes while on a mission to infiltrate the city. His wards protected him for a brief second before being impaled. Eragon would later blame his death on a distraught Elva. Ultimately, he was the only member of Blödhgarm's spellcasters to perish during the war.

After the Varden captured Dras-Leona, Eragon and the elves went back to the catacombs to retrieve Wyrden for burial as well as search for Beloth the Wise, which they did not succeed. He was put to rest by the shore of Leona Lake. The elves sang laments so sad that Eragon wept without restraint and animals stopped to listen. Yaela placed an acorn on Wyrden's chest and they sang songs of growth in the ancient language. When the spell was complete, the tree stood twenty feet high.

After Wyrden's death, Arya retrieved a flask of Faelnirv from his belongings, in which Wyrden had added leaves of a plant that grows in the eastern part of Du Weldenvarden, along the shores of Röna Lake. This gave the liqueur a different taste than normal – a potent, musky flavor.

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