Brom's Elf Ring

The Yawë symbol on Brom's Elf Ring

The Yawë was an elven symbol that indicated a bond of trust. According to Oromis, it was a glyph in the Liduen Kvaedhí, or the Poetic Script, which is the elves' written form of the Ancient Language. Arya had it as an indigo tattoo on her shoulder. She once told Eragon, who accidentally came across it, that it was a vow of loyalty to her duty as the daughter of the elven Queen. Brom too had a Sapphire ring, Aren, which was later bestowed upon Eragon. Being given a ring with this symbol indicated that one was an Elf-friend, which was later validated to Eragon by Islanzadí upon their meeting in Ellesméra.  

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